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Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe


1000 Numbered

October 25, 2018


Contante & Sonante proudly presents the new, definitive chapter of the 'Original Demos' series dedicated to the late, unforgettable Warren Wiebe (1953-1998). The departed singing sensation has always been a fixture of our previous releases. All those precious gems touch the hearts and please the ears of quality music lovers in every corner of the world.


2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of Wiebe's untimely passing, so we decided to release 'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe' to honor his memory. The album is a precious, must-have collection of songs that the late singer recorded for a who's who of songwriting stars, including David Foster, Burt Bacharach, Steve Dorff, Tom Snow, Gardner & Fuller, Guy Thomas and Tim Feehan.


'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe' presents fourteen studio recordings, eight of which are previously unreleased gems, never heard on CD before.


David Foster, the monster producer and songwriter who was a key figure in Wiebe’s professional and personal life, contributed to this special project with two of his most beloved compositions that were demoed by Wiebe in the early nineties. The first and opening track “The Colour Of My Love.” This song was co-written by The Hitman with the late Dr. Arthur Janov (1924-2017) for a musical titled Scream. On the liner notes, Foster confides that after Celine Dion heard the song, she told him that she just couldn't sing it after that man (Wiebe) because he had the most beautiful voice she ever heard. Great praise indeed coming from one of the superstars of our times.

The other contribution by Foster is “Live Each Day,” an intense ballad co-written with lyricist extraordinaire Linda Thompson. Wiebe's original vocal was already used by Contante & Sonante and producer Tomi Malm for a beautiful rendition of this song included on their celebrated, Fly Away: The Songs Of David Foster. What you hear on 'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe' is the demo that the Canadian super-producer recorded with Wiebe in the early nineties. This song is a total treat!


What can be said about Burt Bacharach that hasn't been said before? He is one of the geniuses of modern music. Thanks to the kind help of his close collaborator and lyricist Tonio K, we can listen to a couple of The Maestro's masterpieces graced by Wiebe's golden voice. “Never Take That Chance Again” is a magical ballad originally included on Burt Bacharach & Tonio K.'s 'Original Demos'. The second song is an unreleased gem co-written by Bacharach, Tonio K. and singer-songwriter Dave Loggins called “Love Made Me Wait.” Written around 1995, “Love Made Me Wait” belongs to the tradition of Bacharach's second wave of legendary hits like “On My Own” and “Heartlight” with the plus of Wiebe’s stellar vocal performance.


“A Little Thing Called Life” is a special composition by celebrated tunesmith Steve Dorff with beautiful lyrics again penned by Linda Thompson. The song takes its title from Thompson’s recent autobiography. Here, Wiebe really shines with a moving vocal performance that Dorff calls his absolute favorite.

The second of Mr. Dorff's offering is “The Echo Of Your Whisper,” co-written with his son, Andrew, and Larry Harbstritt. One more time, experience superior songwriting with the added bonus of Wiebe's top-notch vocals.


Tom Snow is undoubtedly one of the best pop songwriters ever. This statement applies to his two impressive songs included on 'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe'. “You're Welcome In My Life” is co-written with the legendary Gerry Goffin and is a certifiable pop gem. In a perfect world, it is easy to envision this song at the top of the charts. Wiebe owns the tune with his amazing vocals handled with confidence and class. This song, as well as the two tunes by Dorff, can be found on previous Contante & Sonante releases in the 'Original Demos' series.

Co-written by Snow with award-winning tunesmith Dean Pitchford, the second offering is an unreleased song titled “Spend A Little Time With You.” Wiebe shares the mic with ultra-talented Shaun Murphy of Little Feat fame. This song marks a change of atmosphere for 'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe' with its mid-tempo rhythm and bluesy feel with the bonus of James Harrah's superior guitar playing.


Next comes Scott Fuller. His name might not be as well-known as the other famous tunesmiths, but his work is second to none. “17 Years” and “Nothing I Wouldn't Do” were already featured on Contante & Sonante's Gardner & Fuller 'Original Demos'. These two tunes are well-written pop songs. The first is a solo composition by Fuller. The second one is co-written with the extremely talented Cecily Gardner, who also shares the spotlight with Wiebe on this refined, long song.

“The Day I First Saw You” was co-penned by the brilliant Guy Thomas with Joseph Williams, the lead singer of Toto. In fact, this tune echoes Toto's hit material of the late eighties with smart chord changes and powerful guitar work. Wiebe shows his versatility handling of this rocking composition with total confidence and spectacular results. Thomas co-wrote “Lorelei” with fellow songwriter Paul Chiten with Kenny Loggins in mind. The mid-tempo R&B sound of the track is reminiscent of Loggins' stuff of those days. Wiebe was in the vocal booth and delivered an outstanding performance with strong echoes of Richard Marx.


Tim Feehan is a renowned Canadian singer/songwriter and his offerings on 'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe' are two total knock-outs. “Don't Tell My Heart” is a sophisticated ballad co-written with Tony Smith in the early nineties. On this beautiful song, Wiebe pours out his heart with an outstanding performance supported by saxophone great, Dave Boruff. The second Feehan original is an anthem called “Make A Wish” that wraps up this fantastic cd with an optimistic, positive feel.


'Original Demos Ft. Warren Wiebe' brings things full circle for our record label. We've worked hard for years to fulfill it, and we're very happy to finally be able to present this collection of songs to all of you.

Listen and Enjoy!

Released in a limited edition of only 1000 copies.