Tom Snow
Original Demos


1000 Numbered

February 2013


Tom Snow Original Demos presents twelve fantastic compositions as originally conceived and produced by the legendary Tom Snow, the Grammy and Academy Award nominated songwriter who has penned big hits for famous names like Peter Cetera, Linda Ronstadt, Cher, Melissa Manchester, Deniece Williams, The Pointer Sisters, Bonnie Raitt, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton-John and countless others.

Other than the amazing quality of the songwriting, what makes this record absolutely unique is the golden voice of the unforgettable Warren Wiebe, who sings on all the tracks.

The album showcases the songwriter's superior pop sensibility and talent with a number of beautiful tunes that are absolutely top-notch, featuring Snow's brilliant keyboard work and guest playing by studio pros James Harrah on guitars and Phil Kenzie on sax. Warren's spectacular voice is the perfect tool for bringing these songs to life. Let's not overlook the fact that Snow's co-writers on the projects are other songwriting legends like Gerry Goffin, Dean Pitchford, Mark Mueller and Danny O'Keefe.

From the opening track, "Beauty Outside, Beauty Within", a tender, evocative ballad that sets the atmosphere with Warren's show-stopping vocal performance, listeners can lose themselves into the pop perfection of Tom Snow's Original Demos. It's really no surprise that when a music giant like the late, Ray Charles heard Warren's vocal on the mid-tempo "Love Has A Mind Of Its Own" he immediately asked to record it. Warren also does wonders on the bluesy up-tempo "I Must Have Been Blind" and also on "Town Of Dreams", a song that wouldn't have been out of place on a Chicago album. Both tracks also benefit from Harrah's impressive guitar work. As connoisseurs already know, ballads were always the perfect territory for Wiebe's gorgeous voice and his peerless phrasing and Snow surely provided him here some killer slow tunes like the evocative, "You're Welcome In My Life", the tender "That's What Love Can Do" with Kenzie's saxophone and "Ronnie-o" again with Harrah in the spotlight. Another ballad, "Bridges Of The Heart", closes the album with Snow's acoustic piano backing up the singer's moving performance.

Warren was also a fantastic duet partner as Celine Dion or Lalah Hathaway fans can easily remember and "Tom Snow Original Demos" offers a couple of special duets too. The first is entitled "Time To Be Lovers", sung with the gifted, Sally Dworsky. Their perfect blend rivals the one between Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan who recorded that song for the "Beverly Hills 20210" soundtrack. The second duet is the sweet "I Can See Forever", a delicate love theme that matches Wiebe with another great singer, Suzie Benson.

As Snow states in the liner notes, "Warren could sing any genre, any time, anywhere. Recipe for songwriter delight: Get Warren in the vocal booth, push record, sit back and let him go." Everyone will agree on this for sure, but let's not forget that it takes a great song to make a singer shine bright and Tom Snow, during the course of his long and successful career, has given the world many great songs, and this fantastic collection of songs gives music lovers the welcome chance to fully appreciate his superior artistry.

Released in a limited edition of only 1000 copies.