Steve Dorff
Original Demos


1000 Numbered

October 2004


Whenever a song is recorded by an artist other than the songwriter, it is inevitably subjected to the influences of both the recording artist and the producer. Sometimes the original essence, and even the meaning, of a song is changed. Whether delicate or raw, richly orchestrated or bare-bones, the recordings in this album are true to the vision of their creator, Steve Dorff, one of the most highly regarded Songwriters of our day.


All songs feature the stellar vocal works of Warren Wiebe, today considered one of greatest and most expressive vocalists to have ever lived, world renown for his work with, amongst others, prolific and successful producer David Foster.


The album opens with "A Little Thing Called Life", a gorgeous ballad co-written by acclaimed lyricist Linda Thompson. The song was also recorded by Aaron Neville and released on his album "The Tattooed Heart". Linda Thomspon is also credited as co-writer on another beautiful ballad, "Everytime You Cross My Mind". Two other combinations of beautiful lyrics and an incredible voice that will totally blow you away are "I Never Stopped Loving You" and "Kindred Spirits". The album also features a wonderful remake of "I Just Fall In Love Again", the Anne Murray hit that reached a Billboard's #1, and "The Echo Of Your Whisper" and "And Still Run Out Of Time", two numbers later produced by keyboardist Ricky Peterson on Donny Osmond's mini album "Four", which are two incredible compositions although what truly makes them magical is again the soaring vocal effort that Warren Wiebe graces them with. "Somewhere In Time" closes the set on an emotional note, being the last session taped with Warren on Steve Dorff's studio before leaving us.


The beauty of the songs and the warmth of Warren Wiebe's voice make this album a must have for fans of this style.

Released in a limited edition of only 1000 copies.