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30.06.2013 Tom Snow Original Demos has sold out and is no longer available. Thanks to all our fans and friends for the amazing encouragement and enthusiasm shown on this project!

28.02.2013 Today is the day! Tom Snow Original Demos has just been released and we'd like to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all the fans for their great enthusiasm. Nearly 800 copies of 1000 pressed have been sold to date and we're absolutely thrilled about that. This leaves us with less than 200 copies available, so make sure you order one before we run out of stock!

21.02.2013 As of today, all pre-orders received for Tom Snow Original Demos have been shipped. Nearly 700 copies out of 1000! Thank you all for your patience and trust! All new orders will start shipping out on February 28th, the official release date. If you didn't do it yet, go and order your copy now before they're all gone!

07.02.2013 Scheduled to release on February 28th as an exclusive 1000 copy limited numbered edition, pre-orders for Tom Snow Original Demos are being taken from today. Pre-order your copy now and benefit also from 10% off all our previous releases!

06.02.2013 Nine years ago, our label was born with the release of thirteen original demo recordings by songwriter extraordinaire Steve Dorff. Besides the undeniable quality of Dorff's songwriting, what made this album special was the appearance of the unforgettable Warren Wiebe, whose legacy unfortunately didn't include any solo projects, but left an immense collection of unreleased material.

Today, we are thrilled and proud to announce what for many might be considered a sequel to that release by Steve Dorff. It is truly a pleasure to present to you Tom Snow Original Demos, a 12-song album by this world-class and critically acclaimed songwriter, again featuring the unique vocal work of the one and only Warren Wiebe.


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